5 Questions: Oh, Very "Young"

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What actor had a memorable cameo role as a blind hermit in the Mel Brooks comedy film Young Frankenstein?
Anthony Hopkins
Warren Beatty
Michael Douglas
Gene Hackman
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The irascible Coleman A. Young presided as mayor for 20 years over what midwestern city?
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What musical group had a top ten hit in the U.S. when they sang the praises of the Young Men's Christian Association?
Milli Vanilli
The Village People
Boyz II Men
The Archies
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Which of the following is NOT true of former South Korean president Kim Young Sam?
first civilian president in 30 years
succeeded by Kim Dae Jung
renamed the Democratic Liberal Party
won a Novel Peace Prize
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Who was the first pitcher to win the Cy Young award?
Don Newcombe
Warren Spahn
Whitey Ford
Bob Turley