5 Questions: Single on Stage

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What future Oscar winner starred in the 1984 movie Bachelor Party?
Tom Hanks
Kevin Spacey
Tom Cruise
Kevin Kline
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What Canadian actor starred alongside Debbie Reynolds in the motion picture Tammy and the Bachelor?
Leslie Nielsen
Conrad Bain
Donald Sutherland
Lorne Greene
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Which cast member of the TV series Dynasty starred in the 1950s TV series Bachelor Father?
James Farentino
Rock Hudson
John Forsythe
George Hamilton
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Which child star played opposite Cary Grant in the 1947 movie The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer?
Judy Garland
Shirley Temple
Jane Withers
June Allyson
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Who was the first bachelor on the ABC-TV reality show The Bachelor?
Bob Guiney
Alex Michel
Andrew Firestone
Evan Marriott