5 Questions: Oh, Pooh!

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The "Winnie" awards are given to those who excel in what field?
Mac software
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Winnie Cooper was the love interest of what young television character of the 1980s-90s?
Kevin Arnold
Doogie Howser
D.J. Conner
Theo Huxtable
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What 1920-1996 comic strip was one of the oldest in existence when it was finally retired?
Winnie Witch
One for Winnie
Winnie Can't Win
Winnie Winkle
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The Winnie Mae was the name of the first airplane that flew:
across the English Channel
across the Pacific
around the world
with a female pilot
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In 1996, South African activist Winnie Mandela:
got divorced
was sentenced to jail
won the Nobel Peace Prize
passed away