5 Questions: Your Gold Medal

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What brand name recently moved the gold medal (won in Paris in 1900) that had been on the center of its label for over a century?
Budweiser Beer
Campbell's Soup
Ivory Soap
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In 1775, when James Cook returned to England from the Pacific, the Royal Society awarded him a Copley gold medal for:
spy work in the American colonies
claiming New Zealand for England
finding a scurvy preventative
discovering the Hawaiian Islands
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A 1921 contest by Gold Medal Flour led to the introduction of which fictitious character?
Aunt Jemima
Duncan Hines
Betty Crocker
Sara Lee
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What country was second to the U.S. in gold medals at the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens, Greece?
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Which of these famous persons has not been honored by receiving the Congressional Gold Medal?
Stephen King
Harry Chapin
Tony Blair
Billy Graham