5 Questions: Pearls of Wisdom

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In 1996, what celebrity launched a fragrance line called Black Pearls?
Elizabeth Taylor
Celine Dion
Jennifer Lopez
Whitney Houston
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What sunken battleship has become a memorial of the attack on Pearl Harbor?
U.S.S. North Carolina
U.S.S. Wisconsin
U.S.S. Arizona
U.S.S. Oklahoma
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Pearl Bailey won a Tony award for her memorable role in which Broadway musical?
Hello, Dolly
Thoroughly Modern Millie
My Fair Lady
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Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden, and what other band are widely considered to be the original "big four" of the Seattle grunge movement?
Stone Temple Pilots
Sonic Youth
Green Day
Alice in Chains
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Pearl S. Buck established Welcome House in 1949, which was the first international:
homeless shelter
assisted living facility
interracial adoption center
battered women's shelter