5 Questions: Dented but not Damaged

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What is the favorite drink of Arthur Dent in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?
goat's milk
celery juice
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In 1986, Chicago's Richard Dent won the Most Valuable Player award for what major sporting event?
Super Bowl
NBA Finals
World Series
Stanley Cup
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Lester Dent, under the psuedonym Kenneth Robeson, published over 150 novels in what series for young readers?
Tom Swift
Doc Savage
Bobbsey Twins
The Black Stallion
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What U.S. president was married to Julia Boggs Dent, considered by many to be the least-attractive U.S. First Lady?
Woodrow Wilson
Millard Fillmore
Ulysses S. Grant
Theodore Roosevelt
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Russell Earl Dent, former Major League Baseball all-star, went by what nickname?
Dig 'Em