5 Questions: Quizzin' on the River

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What author wrote of Siddhartha, a man who embarked on a quest for truth that led him to the River of Life?
Herman Hesse
Hunter S. Thompson
Henry Miller
Kurt Vonnegut
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Which of the following is not a tributary of the Mississippi River?
Arkansas River
Colorado River
Ohio River
Missouri River
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What band's first U.S. Top-40 was a cover of Al Green's "Take Me to the River"?
Talking Heads
The B-52s
The Police
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What Saturday Night Live cast member played Matt Foley, the motivational speaker who "lived in a van down by the river"?
Phil Hartman
Dan Aykroyd
Mike Myers
Chris Farley
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The 1992 motion picture A River Runs Through It is set in which U.S. state?
South Carolina