5 Questions: National Crime Prevention Week

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What famous radical presented such helpful counter-culture tips as how to make a pipe bomb in his 1971 tome Steal This Book?
Bobby Seale
Abbie Hoffman
Jerry Rubin
Tom Hayden
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What was the name of the Maine town where Jessica Fletcher wrote novels and solved mysteries in the TV series Murder, She Wrote?
Crabwell Corners
Crabapple Crossing
Cozy Creek
Cabot Cove
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What brand of champagne is mentioned in the first line of the classic Queen tune "Killer Queen"?
Dom Perignon
Moet et Chandon
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Rapeseed is the primary ingredient in what product?
Canola oil
Lip balm
Balsamic vinegar
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Who directed the low-budget 1976 thriller Assault on Precinct 13?
John Carpenter
Joe Dante
John Landis
Wes Craven