5 Questions: All This and Heaven, Too

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Who portrayed the football quarterback taken too soon in the 1978 remake of Heaven Can Wait?
Warren Beatty
Robert DeNiro
James Caan
Dustin Hoffman
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What singer hit number one in 1987 with "Heaven is a Place on Earth"?
Laura Branigan
Paula Abdul
Belinda Carlisle
Pat Benatar
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What author wrote a series of novels featuring a character named Heaven Leigh Casteel?
Judy Blume
V.C. Andrews
Danielle Steel
Jackie Collins
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Who was the leader of the religious cult known as Heaven's Gate?
Christina Applegate
William Mapother
Marshall Applewhite
Robert Mapplethorpe
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What brand of java was advertised as "the heavenly coffee"?
Hills Brothers
Chase & Sanborn
Maxwell House
Chock Full o' Nuts