5 Questions: I didn't get out to buy a card, so...

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"Happy Days are Here Again" was used as a theme song by what presidential candidate during his campaign?
Woodrow Wilson
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Herbert Hoover
Warren G. Harding
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Valentine's Day was not associated with romantic love until this poet published "Parliament of Foules" in 1382. Name him.
Emily Dickinson
Robert Browning
Geoffrey Chaucer
John Milton
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Day of the Dead, a Mexican holiday, coincides with what Holy Day of Obligation?
Palm Sunday
All Saint's Day
Good Friday
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"To the moon, Alice!" was a threat frequently made by the lead character to his wife on what sitcom?
The Honeymooners
Make Room for Daddy
December Bride
The Real McCoys
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Sandy Koufax, a southpaw pitcher, played his entire MLB career with what team?