5 Questions: 'Cause I'm the Taxman

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What notorious gangster was indicted in 1931 for income tax evasion?
John Dillinger
Alvin "Creepy" Karpis
Al Capone
George "Machine Gun" Kelly
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Gone with the Wind's Scarlett O'Hara married Frank Kennedy when she found out she owed what amount of taxes on Tara?
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What country artist released an album entitled Who'll Buy My Memories? in an effort to pay off a large tax bill?
Conway Twitty
Waylon Jennings
Willie Nelson
Merle Haggard
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What does the "R" stand for in H & R Block?
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On a standard Monopoly game board, there is a picture of what item on the square labeled "Luxury Tax"?
Fur coat
Sports car
Gold bullion bars
Diamond ring