5 Questions: Moe Better Trivia

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The long-running musical Five Guys Named Moe features the music of what jazz legend?
Louis Armstrong
Fats Waller
Dizzy Gillespie
Louis Jordan
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What was the real first name of the Three Stooges ringleader Moe Howard?
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Kool Moe Dee has had a well-publicized and long-running feud with what fellow rapper?
Ice Cube
Grandmaster Flash
LL Cool J
Ice T
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On TV's The Simpsons, what was the secret ingredient in the cocktail known as the Flaming Moe?
Prune juice
Cough medicine
Lighter fluid
Pickle juice
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Manny, Moe and Jack - better known as the Pep Boys - specialize in selling what product?
Auto parts
Plumbing supplies