5 Questions: Make Room for Trivia

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Which Broadway musical is set in the Hell's Kitchen section of Manhattan?
West Side Story
Anything Goes
Promises, Promises
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On what holiday did "Dirty" Den Watts serve wife Angie with divorce papers in a classic episode of the long-running BBC soap Eastenders?
April Fool's Day
Boxing Day
Valentine's Day
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Which of the following celebrities did NOT die in their bathroom?
Elvis Presley
Orville Redenbacher
Pope John Paul I
Jim Morrison
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The Basement Tapes is a collection of over 100 songs recorded by what artist in 1967?
Bob Dylan
Brian Wilson
Pete Seeger
Janis Joplin
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In 1982 Michael Fagan evaded sophisticated alarms and police guards to sneak into the bedroom of whom?
Ronald Reagan
Margaret Thatcher
Pierre Trudeau
Queen Elizabeth II