5 Questions: Heeelp Meee!

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What group recorded the song number one Billboard pop hit "Fly Robin Fly"?
Silver Convention
Blue Cheer
Blue Oyster Cult
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What now-defunct airline launched a controversial ad campaign in the early 1970s that featured attractive female flight attendants purring "I'm Mandy, Fly Me"?
Eastern Airlines
National Airlines
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Tim Reid portrayed a character called Venus Flytrap on what sitcom?
WKRP in Cincinnati
Barney Miller
What's Happening!
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Who wrote and performed "Freddie's Dead," the theme from the 1972 blaxploitation film Super Fly?
Stevie Wonder
Curtis Mayfield
Isaac Hayes
Al Green
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Who penned the controversial 1973 feminist novel Fear of Flying?
Jacqueline Susann
Betty Friedan
Erica Jong
Susan Sontag