5 Questions: Mad Dash

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What real-life game show host played an evil game show host in the 1987 film The Running Man?
Richard Dawson
Gene Rayburn
Alex Trebek
Peter Tomarken
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Whom did Democratic presidential candidate Walter Mondale choose as his running mate in the 1984 election?
Jesse Jackson
Jeane Kirkpatrick
Geraldine Ferraro
Gary Hart
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What singer wrote "Running Bear," which was a number one hit for Johnny Preston in 1960?
Buddy Holly
Fats Domino
Little Richard
The Big Bopper
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What show took the title of Broadway's longest-running musical in January 2006?
Phantom of the Opera
Hello, Dolly!
A Chorus Line
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Running back Walter Payton spent his entire NFL career playing for which team?
Pittsburgh Steelers
New York Jets
Chicago Bears
Green Bay Packers