5 Questions: To the Moon!

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Who portrayed the Rockwell family patriarch who attempts to reunite his family for his birthday in the 1988 film Rocket Gilbralter?
Clint Eastwood
Kirk Douglas
Henry Fonda
Burt Lancaster
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What song did Love and Rockets take to number three on the Billboard Pop Chart in 1989?
Keep Yourself Alive
So Alive
Alive and Kicking
So This is It
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Which anthology series' opening credits were superimposed over a series of skyrockets?
The Love Boat
Love, American Style
Fantasy Island
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What nickname did Homer Hickam go by his 1998 memoir Rocket Boys?
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What was the name of the rocket ship manned by members of the Space Academy in the comic book series Tom Corbett, Space Cadet?
Jupiter 2
Final Cross
Luna A100