5 Questions: Seventeen

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What group scored a Top-Five U.S. pop hit in 1983 with "(She's) Sexy + 17"?
Soft Celll
Style Council
Stray Cats
Spandau Ballet
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Which of these insects spends most of its life underground and only emerges every 17 years?
praying mantis
walking stick
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A photo on the cover of Seventeen magazine is one of the prizes on what reality TV series?
America's Next Top Model
She's Got the Look
Project Runway
Make Me a Supermodel
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On average, 17 of the top 20 highest-attended one-day sporting events in the world each year are conducted by which organization?
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Who played the adult Mike O'Donnell in the 2009 film comedy 17 Again?
Matthew Perry
Paul Reiser
Sean Hayes
Matt LeBlanc