5 Questions: Ethnic Cuisine

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Who starred as a widow with three sons in the 1968 film With Six You Get Eggroll?
Debbie Reynolds
Sandra Dee
Kim Novak
Doris Day
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Dutch singer Taco took what song to the U.S. top five in 1983?
Major Tom (Coming Home)
Puttin' on the Ritz
Der Kommissar
The Safety Dance
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Who portrayed special guest villain Lola Lasagne on TV's Batman?
Liza Minnelli
Lainie Kazan
Ethel Merman
Carol Channing
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What author's 1935 novel Tortilla Flat told of the riotous adventures of a group of young jobless Monterey men?
John Steinbeck
John O'Hara
William Saroyan
Sinclair Lewis
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According to the title of a 1976 film flop, what city did canine star Won Ton Ton save?