5 Questions: Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho...

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What type of physician was Michael J. Fox's character in the 1991 film Doc Hollywood?
Plastic surgeon
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Which lodging chain has a Sleepy Bear mascot?
Best Western
Holiday Inn
Super 8
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Which of the following was NOT one of the original toys offered in a 1979 McDonald's Happy Meal?
Temporary tattoo
Pencil eraser
Wrist wallet
Puzzle book
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In which film did Julia Roberts' character select "blush" and "bashful" as her wedding colors?
Runaway Bride
My Best Friend's Wedding
Pretty Woman
Steel Magnolias
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Rick Wakeman, who toured solo in 2008 with his "Grumpy Old Picture Show," gained fame as the keyboard player for which band?
Pink Floyd
King Crimson