5 Questions: Paint Your Wagon

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What religious leader founded his first church on Dupont Circle in Washington, DC?
Sun Myung Moon
Jim Jones
Jesse Jackson
L. Ron Hubbard
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What rapper starred as a bounty hunter in the 2002 action/comedy film All About the Benjamins?
Mos Def
Ice Cube
LL Cool J
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Sara Jane Moore spent 32 years in prison for attempting to assassinate what president?
Lyndon Johnson
Jimmy Carter
Dwight Eisenhower
Gerald Ford
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According to legend, a little Dutch boy once saved a village by using his finger to what?
Plug a leak
Dial a telephone
Signal a police officer
Whistle a warning
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Who carried the Olympic torch into Vancouver's International Broadcast Centre and lit the cauldron at the 2010 Winter Games?
Wayne Gretzky
Celine Dion
Michael J. Fox
Bobby Hull