5 Questions: Blind Trust

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In which of the following children's games does one participant usually wear a blindfold?
Duck Duck Goose
Farmer in the Dell
Hot Potato
Pin the Tail on the Donkey
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What actress was set up with Bruce Willis an as escort for a business dinner in the 1987 film Blind Date?
Rene Russo
Kim Basinger
Michelle Pfeiffer
Sharon Stone
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What was pictured on the cover of Blind Faith's only album that got it banned in several countries?
A topless young girl
A transvestite
Decapitated dolls
North Vietnamese prisoners of war
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Riots in what city were triggered in the summer of 1967 when police raided a blind pig?
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What service organization founded and provides support for Leader Dogs for the Blind?
American Legion
Lions Club
Rotary Club