5 Questions: Gene or Jean

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When Gene Simmons, legendary bass player for Kiss, first arrived in the U.S. from Israel, what surname did he adopt?
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What male tennis star did Billie Jean King defeat in 1973's so-called "Battle of the Sexes"?
Bobby Riggs
John Newcombe
Arthur Ashe
Ilie Nastase
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What animated character did famed hoofer Gene Kelly dance with in the 1945 musical Anchors Aweigh?
Krazy Kat
Bugs Bunny
Felix the Cat
Jerry the Mouse
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What singer released a 21 minute film entitled "Jazzin' for Blue Jean" in 1984 to promote his latest single?
David Bowie
Phil Collins
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Gene Roddenberry was the creator/producer of what science fiction TV series?
Star Trek
Lost in Space
The Twilight Zone
Space: 1999