5 Questions: "Row" Your Boat

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What actor portrayed amorous high school teacher Tiger McDrew in the 1971 sexploitation film Pretty Maids All in a Row?
Jack Cassidy
Rock Hudson
Steve McQueen
Ryan O'Neal
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Who was the lead singer for heavy metal band Skid Row until 1996?
Ludwig Vann
Frank Liszt
Sebastian Bach
Wolfgang Amadeus
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What author's Cannery Row is set among Monterey, California's sardine fisheries?
John Steinbeck
Ernest Hemingway
William Faulkner
F. Scott Fitzgerald
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What actress attracted media attention when she sported cornrows on the 1963 drama series East Side/West Side?
Della Reese
Ruby Dee
Cicely Tyson
Diahann Carroll
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What is the name of the crew member who steers the boat in competitive rowing?