5 Questions: At the Deli Counter

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Who portrayed the character known as "Salami" on TV's The White Shadow?
Eddie Mekka
Timothy Van Patten
Scott Baio
Robert Hegyes
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The late Pete Ham (of Badfinger fame)co-wrote what song that became a number one hit in the UK for Mariah Carey?
Always Be My Baby
I Still Believe
Without You
One Sweet Day
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What actor starred as the President of the United States in the 1995 film comedy Canadian Bacon?
Alan Alda
Eugene Levy
Jack Weston
Tim Robbins
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Cheese (the Chao) is the constant companion of what character in the Sonic the Hedgehog gaming universe?
Blaze (the Cat)
Mighty (the Armadillo)
Jet (the Hawk)
Cream (the Rabbit)
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What singer's real first name is Olive?
Chaka Khan
Marie Osmond
Tina Turner
Sheena Easton