5 Questions: Paper Chase

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What financier was known as the "junk bond king" and was indicted for securities fraud in 1989?
Ivan Boesky
Michael Milken
Alan Cranston
Charles Keating
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Who portrayed Noah Calhoun as a senior citizen and also served as the narrator in the 2004 film The Notebook?
James Garner
Red Buttons
Ernest Borgnine
Gene Hackman
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What actress is the mother of the late Heath Ledger's daughter, Matilda Rose?
Naomi Watts
Michelle Williams
Heather Graham
Julia Stiles
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What is the product known as "Kraft Dinner" in Canada called in the United States?
Deli Fresh Combo
Stove Top Stuffing
Macaroni and Cheese
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Ruby Wax, host of the BBC interview show Ruby Wax Meets... was born in what country?
United States