5 Questions: Prime Numbers

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The first 911 call made in the United States occurred in the town of Haleyville in which state?
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What TV personality was originally a partial owner of the all-purpose cleaner known as Formula 409 and became the product's commercial spokesman?
Art Linkletter
Mike Douglas
Arthur Godfrey
Merv Griffin
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The 727 commercial jet airliner was manufactured under what nameplate?
Pratt & Whitney
McDonnell Douglas
GE Aviation
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Who starred as sharp-tongued, gossipy Mary Jenkins on TV's 227?
Marla Gibbs
Esther Rolle
Telma Hopkins
LaWanda Page
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What keyboardist topped the British charts in 1985 with the stuttering anti-war song "19"?
Jan Hammer
Giorgio Moroder
Paul Hardcastle
Harold Faltermeyer