5 Questions: Oooooh, Sparkly!

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What is the real first name of the British musician known as Gary Glitter?
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What singer won a "Worst Actress" Razzie award for her role in the 2001 film Glitter?
Janet Jackson
Jennifer Lopez
Mariah Carey
Britney Spears
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What 2012 presidential candidate was glitter-bombed in June 2011 by LGBT activist Rachel E.B. Lang?
Sarah Palin
Michele Bachmann
Herman Cain
Ron Paul
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What Dallas actress played a transgender fashion model on the short-lived Norman Lear sitcom All That Glitters?
Victoria Principal
Charlene Tilton
Priscilla Presley
Linda Gray
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What is the name of the neon cowgirl on the sign in front of Las Vegas' Girls of Glitter Gulch club?
Pretty Pandora
Vegas Vicky
Dirty Diana
Silky Susie