5 Questions: Tin Ear

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Tin Pan Alley, the music publishing mecca of the early 20th century, was located in what area of New York City?
Staten Island
The Bronx
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In the 1979 film The Tin Drum, what did Oskar decide to do on his third birthday?
Injure his grandmother
Stop growing
Run away from home
Steal a drum
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Which Knight of the Round Table is mentioned in the lyrics of America's Top 5 hit "Tin Man"?
King Arthur
Sir Tristan
Sir Ghalahad
Sir Lancelot
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What ingredient added to vanilla ice cream and hot fudge makes a Tin Roof sundae?
Spanish peanuts
Almond slivers
Roasted coffee beans
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"One Tin Soldier" was the theme song to what hippie-esque film?
Wild in the Streets
Billy Jack
Easy Rider