5 Questions: The End (Part IV)

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What is clothing retailer Lands' End two-word slogan regarding their return policy?
Without question.
Guaranteed. Period.
Absolutely. Positively.
No problem.
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The front-end grille of the Ford Edsel was known for what distinctive design?
Horse collar
Bow tie
Arrow head
Tin can
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What group's hit "West End Girls" won a Brit Award for Best Single?
Fine Young Cannibals
Spandau Ballet
Pet Shop Boys
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What brand of shampoo was marketed as a cure for "split ends"?
Lemon Up
Body on Tap
Alberto VO5
Protein 21
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Who is credited with coining the proverb "there is an end to everything, to good things as well"?
William Shakespeare
Mark Twain
Geoffrey Chaucer