5 Questions: Left Overs

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What band's Leftoverture album contained the hit "Carry On Wayward Son"?
Black Oak Arkansas
Atlanta Rhythm Section
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Which of the following dishes is traditionally topped with leftover mashed potatoes?
Plum pie
Shepherd's pie
Steak and kidney pie
Mince pie
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What Glee star recently sold a pilot to the Disney Channel based on Florence Laughlin's book The Little Leftover Witch?
Kevin McHale
Darren Criss
Chris Colfer
Matthew Morrison
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What entrepeneur left over $12 million in a trust fund to her dog, Trouble?
Leona Helmsley
Estée Lauder
Ruth Handler
Brownie Wise
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What poet noted in his 1881 book Notes Left Over "To have great poets, there must be great audiences too"?
Walt Whitman
Francis Thompson
Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Robert Browning