5 Questions: How Do You Like Your Eggs?

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The surname of which Old Money family is mentioned in the lyrics of the jazz standard "On the Sunny Side of the Street"?
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What naturalist's quest to save Rwandan gorillas from poaching was made into a 1988 Academy Award-nominated film?
Jane Goodall
Kathleen Dudzinski
Dian Fossey
Joy Adamson
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What fictional hardboiled detective was the creation of author Mickey Spillane?
Philo Vance
Mike Hammer
Sam Spade
Philip Marlowe
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What comic book artist created that syndicated scrambled word game known as "Jumble"?
Jules Feiffer
Virgil Parch
Martin Naydel
Sheldon Mayer
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Actor Paul Benedict played quirky neighbor Harry Bentley on what long-running TV sitcom?
The Jeffersons
Laverne and Shirley
One Day at a Time
My Three Sons