5 Questions: Diane Keaton

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What former child star is the godfather of two of Michael Jackson's children?
Macaulay Culkin
Emmanuel Lewis
Corey Feldman
Gary Coleman
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The Hershey's confection known as Mr. Goodbar is a mixture of chocolate and what other ingredient?
Crisped rice
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In the classic Rogers and Hart song "Manhattan," what is the first NYC borough mentioned after the line "I'll take Manhattan"?
The Bronx
Staten Island
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What was the name of the home field of Major League Baseball's Cincinnati Reds from 1970 until 1995?
Metropolitan Stadium
Olympic Stadium
Veterans Stadium
Riverfront Stadium
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Who played a Los Angeles Rams quarterback who was cremated by mistake in the 1978 film Heaven Can Wait?
Sylvester Stallone
Warren Beatty
Robert Redford
James Caan