5 Questions: A "Ward" to the Wise

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Prolific character actor Ward Bond played what role in the 1939 classic Gone with the Wind?
Tom, the Yankee Captain
Dr. Meade
Uncle Peter
Big Sam
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Animator Jay Ward created what famous cereal box mascot?
Lucky Leprechaun
Toucan Sam
Cap'n Crunch
Tony the Tiger
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Department store chain Montgomery Ward started out as a mail-order business based in what U.S. city?
San Francisco
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Actor Burt Ward played the TV sidekick to what crime fighter?
The Green Hornet
The Lone Ranger
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What was the name of Ward Cleaver's pompous co-worker at the "salt mine" on TV's Leave It to Beaver?
Deacon Palmer
Bob Rooney
Murray Slaughter
Fred Rutherford