5 Questions: Blue Ribbon Trivia

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Who played Olivia Dandridge, the young niece of his commanding officer whom John Wayne is charged with protecting in She Wore a Yellow Ribbon?
Angie Dickinson
Susan Hayward
Joanne Dru
Claire Trevor
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Besides "Pabst" and "Blue Ribbon", what other word appears in the Pabst logo?
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What character on TV's The Dick Van Dyke Show was never seen without a tiny ribbon bow tucked in her hair?
Laura Petrie
Millie Helper
Pickles Sorrell
Sally Rogers
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Who was the first celebrity to wear a red AIDS awareness ribbon onscreen (at the 1991 Tony Awards)?
Nathan Lane
Jeremy Irons
Tommy Tune
Gregory Hines
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What group hit number one in the US and the UK in 1973 with "Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'Round the Ole Oak Tree"?
MFSB featuring the Three Degrees
Rufus featuring Chaka Khan
Dawn featuring Tony Orlando
The Defranco Family featuring Tony Defranco