5 Questions: Rip Torn

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What singer became a "one hit wonder" when her "Torn Between Two Lovers" hit number one in 1977?
Thelma Houston
Yvonne Elliman
Alicia Bridges
Mary MacGregor
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Comedian Rip Taylor was the host of what syndicated TV game show?
The $1.98 Beauty Show
Make Me Laugh
The New Treasure Hunt
Beat the Clock
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The plant that manufactures Shredded Wheat cereal is located near what tourist attraction?
Mount Rushmore
The Gateway Arch
Niagara Falls
The Grand Canyon
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Who portrayed the high-profile attorney who defended Jeff Bridges in the 1985 courtroom thriller Jagged Edge?
Glenn Close
Jane Fonda
Christine Lahti
Jessica Lange
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Which of the following cuts of beef is considered to be the toughest and usually requires tenderizing prior to cooking?
Ribeye steak
Flank steak
Round steak
Sirloin Tip steak