5 Questions: Just Desserts: Pudding

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The Hasty Pudding Club was founded in 1770 at what school of higher education?
University of Pennsylvania
William and Mary
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What band admonished us "If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding!" on a 1979 Number One hit?
Pink Floyd
The Eagles
The Bee Gees
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Besides Jell-O pudding, what other product was Bill Cosby shilling for when he promoted a dessert item called "pudding in a cloud"?
Kraft Caramels
PET Milk
Cool Whip
Betty Crocker Frosting
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What nursery rhyme character is described as "pudding and pie"?
Georgie Porgie
Jack Spratt
Old King Cole
Wee Willie Winkie
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What type of cookie is used in the traditional recipe for banana pudding?
Nilla Wafers
Fig Newton
Nutter Butter