5 Questions: Surveyor's Measure

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What 1968 album of verses won poet Rod McKuen a Best Spoken Word Recording Grammy?
The Canterbury Pilgrims
Gallant Men
The Voice of the Uncommon Man
Lonesome Cities
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Who starred as Georgia farmer Ty Ty Walden in the 1958 film God's Little Acre?
Laurence Harvey
Robert Ryan
Richard Carlson
Lee J. Cobb
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Which of the following did NOT act as host of the TV game show Chain Reaction during any of its many incarnations?
Chuck Woolery
Dylan Lane
Bill Cullen
Geoff Edwards
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Who portrayed the Ice Age caveman nicknamed "Link" in the 1992 film Encino Man?
Brendan Fraser
Robert Downey Jr.
Jude Law
Elijah Wood
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What Olympic pole vaulter won the first edition of ABC's Wide World of Sports Superstars competition?
W?adys?aw Kozakiewicz
Bob Seagren
David Roberts
Steve Smith