5 Questions: Designer Jeans

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Who played Tom Jordache, the family outcast who became a boxer, in the 1976 TV mini-series Rich Man, Poor Man?
William Hurt
Gary Busey
Kris Kristofferson
Nick Nolte
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What long-running comic strip did Chic Young begin drawing in 1930?
Little Orphan Annie
Gasoline Alley
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In what film did Michael J. Fox's character use the alias "Calvin Klein"?
Back to the Future
Teen Wolf
Doc Hollywood
Bright Lights, Big City
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Sergio Marchionne is the CEO of which Italian auto manufacturer?
Alfa Romeo
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What was the only song that Canadian band the Guess Who took to the top of the U.S. pop chart?
Clap for the Wolfman
American Woman
These Eyes
No Time