5 Questions: Rapper's Delight

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What female group provided backing vocals on Earth, Wind and Fire's Top 10 hit "Boogie Wonderland"?
Three Degrees
Honey Cone
The Emotions
Sister Sledge
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What Major League Baseball team was Hank Aaron playing for when he hit his 600th career home run?
Cincinnati Reds
Atlanta Braves
Philadelphia Phillies
San Francisco Giants
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The legendary adventurer and womanizer known as Casanova hailed from what area of Italy?
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Who released the landmark soul album Hot Buttered Soul in 1969?
Isaac Hayes
Al Green
Peabo Bryson
Wilson Pickett
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Who portrayed the boxer formerly known as Cassius Clay in the 2001 film Ali?
Will Smith
Jamie Foxx
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Chris Tucker