5 Questions: Happy Passover

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What singer wrote the lyrics for the instrumental theme "Exodus" (from the 1960 movie of the same name)?
Pat Boone
Paul Anka
Perry Como
Vic Damone
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Which of the following salads traditionally includes hard-boiled egg among the ingredients?
Waldorf Salad
Niçoise Salad
Ceasar Salad
Maurice Salad
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Actor Elijah Wood made his big screen debut with a minor role in what film sequel?
Back to the Future II
Alien 3
Fletch Lives
Beethoven's 2nd
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Which of the following musicians recorded under the name "Michael Blessing" before reverting to his given surname?
Michael Bolton
Mike McDonald
Michael Stipe
Mike Nesmith
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What Datsun-Nissan model was the first "talking" car available in the U.S,?