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"She's got electric boots, a mohair suit, you know I read it in a magazine" is a line from what Number One hit single by Elton John?
Island Girl
Bennie and the Jets
Philadelphia Freedom
Crocodile Rock
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"Smooth as Silk" is the advertising slogan of which of the following brands of whiskey?
Crown Royal
Wild Turkey
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What was the first name of Tim Taylor's flannel shirt-wearing sidekick on the TV sitcom Home Improvement?
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Jersey cows, prized for the high butterfat content in their milk, are typically what color(s)?
Black and white
White with reddish-brown spots
Dark brown
Fawn with white underbelly
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Who played the foul-mouthed psycho-sexual sociopath "Frank Booth" in the 1986 David Lynch thriller Blue Velvet?
Willem Dafoe
Eric Roberts
Dennis Hopper
Harvey Keitel