"Ind"ependence Day

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Which of the following disorders can cause blindness due to a build-up of fluid in the eye which eventually damages the optic nerve?
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Which of the following cuts of beef is taken from the hindquarters of the cow?
Round steak
Rib eye
Chuck steak
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What actress starred in the 1974 film The Tamarind Seed, which was written and directed by her husband, Blake Edwards?
Vanessa Redgrave
Ellen Burstyn
Gena Rowlands
Julie Andrews
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What organization adopted the slogan "A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste" in 1971?
United Negro College Fund
Boys Club of America
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What Chicago-based pop group had a Number One Billboard hit single in 1967 with "Kind of a Drag"?
The Box Tops
The Association
The Hollies
The Buckinghams