Chickens Quiz

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Which of the following nicknames has NEVER been applied to the U.S. State of Rhode Island?
The Ocean State
The Nutmeg State
Little Rhody
The Plantation State
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Dominique Dawes and Dominique Moceanu both won Olympic medals for their participation in what sport?
Synchronized Swimming
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What band's 1979 Top 10 hit single "Sultans of Swing" was inspired by a local London band playing in a nearly deserted pub?
Dire Straits
Little River Band
The Pretenders
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What song did Looney Tunes character Foghorn Leghorn traditionally sing to himself just prior to teasing the Barnyard Dawg or courting Miss Prissy?
My Darling Clementine
Carolina in the Morning
Turkey in the Straw
Camptown Races
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Which of the following customer service workers is sometimes colloquially described as a "redcap"?
Airport baggage handler
Restaurant server
Railway porter
Hotel concierge