5 Questions: "Cup" o' Questions

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The Grey Cup is the trophy awarded annually in Canada to the championship team in what sport?
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According to a long-running TV commercial, the best part of waking up is having what brand of coffee in your cup?
Maxwell House
Chase and Sanborn
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In the I Love Lucy episode entitled "Lucy and the Loving Cup," the trophy on Lucy's head was going to be awarded to what professional jockey (at the time the winningest one in history)?
Willie Shoemaker
Johnny Longden
Angel Cordero Jr.
Laffit Pincay
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What country singer had a Top 20 Pop hit in 2011 with "Red Solo Cup"?
Keith Urban
Trace Adkins
Randy Travis
Toby Keith
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What actress played a clinical psychologist who ultimately specialized in helping golfers mentally cope with the stress of the game in the 1996 romantic comedy Tin Cup?
Rose McGowan
Sarah Jessica Parker
Rene Russo
Andie MacDowell