5 Questions: Happy Teacher's Day

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What was the name of the bespectacled and traumatized lad that appeared in the video for Van Halen's hit "Hot for Teacher"?
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In what film did Edward James Olmos play a math teacher who taught calculus to inner-city high school kids in East Los Angeles?
Lean on Me
Won't Back Down
Stand and Deliver
Dangerous Minds
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Which member of heavy metal band KISS was once a sixth grade teacher in New York's Spanish Harlem?
Peter Criss
Gene Simmons
Ace Frehley
Paul Stanley
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What infamous teacher spent seven years in prison for having an affair with a 13-year-old student?
Pamela Smart
Carolyn Warmus
Diane Downs
Mary Kay Letourneau
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What celebrity alternately worked as a bouncer and high school gym teacher in Chicago before trying his hand at acting?
Hulk Hogan
Lou Ferrigno
Mr. T
Chuck Norris