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MC Hammer's 1990 Top 10 Billboard Hit Single "U Can't Touch This" used a sample from which of the following songs?
Alone Again (Naturally)
Under Pressure
Hot Blooded
Super Freak
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What retired NFL star has appeared in TV commercials hawking a supplement called Super Beta Prostate (actually a form of saw palmetto herb) for men issues?
Joe Theismann
Terry Bradshaw
Joe Montana
Brett Favre
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Who starred as a call girl who was declared mentally incompetent by her parents after killing a client in the 1987 film Nuts?
Sally Field
Bette Midler
Barbra Streisand
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Future teen heartthrobs Bobby Sherman and David Soul portrayed brothers Jeremy and Joshua Bolt on what late 1960s comedy Western TV series?
The Wild, Wild West
Here Come the Brides
Pistols 'n' Petticoats
F Troop
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What type of cocktail is made by adding the Italian liqueur Galliano to a traditional Screwdriver?
Rob Roy
Harvey Wallbanger
Tom Collins
Moscow Mule