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What city has an 8,000 lb. statue of a fist (properly named Monument to Joe Louis) on display, a gift commissioned by Sports Illustrated magazine in 1986?
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Which character on the TV series M*A*S*H was an avid fan of the Triple-A Minor League Baseball team the Toledo Mud Hens?
Radar O'Reilly
Max Klinger
B.J. Hunnicutt
Father Mulcahy
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The island of Java is a part of which of the following nations?
The Philippines
Sri Lanka
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What former Saturday Night Live cast member starred as a radio station janitor in the 2001 comedy film Joe Dirt?
Adam Sandler
Mike Myers
David Spade
Will Ferrell
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What British rock band's 1967 album Disraeli Gears featured the single "Strange Brew"?
Pink Floyd
The Yardbirds
The Zombies