5 Questions: Foreign Phrases

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In what film did Robin Williams' character reveal that his personal philosophy was "carpe diem"?
Patch Adams
Good Will Hunting
The Fisher King
Dead Poets Society
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What cartoon character was in constant pursuit of a French-Canadian arch-criminal named Savoir Faire?
Klondike Kat
Super Chicken
Dudley Do-Right
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What horror fiction writer occasionally published novels under the nom de plume "Richard Bachman"?
Dean Koontz
V.C. Andrews
Stephen King
Anne Rice
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The Carte Blanche credit card company was owned by what hotel chain?
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What singer had a Top 20 hit in 1979 with the Isaac Hayes-penned "Déjà Vu"?
Gladys Knight
Dionne Warwick
Donna Summer
Diana Ross