5 Questions: It's a Killer

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What rock and roll pioneer is known by the nickname "The Killer"?
Carl Perkins
Buddy Holly
Chuck Berry
Jerry Lee Lewis
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What Walking Dead actor starred in the 1986 film Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer?
Michael Rooker
David Morrissey
Norman Reedus
Scott Wilson
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Which of the following words is the scientific term for the killer whale?
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What comedian's alter-ego, Geraldine, had a boyfriend named "Killer" whom she'd meet "in the booth in the back in the corner in the dark"?
Richard Pryor
Flip Wilson
Martin Lawrence
Johnny Brown
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What Major League Baseball Hall-of-Famer was nicknamed "The Killer"?
Al Kaline
Harmon Killebrew
Catfish Hunter
George Kell