5 Questions: Fits Like a "Glove"

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What political leader is believed to have originated the phrase "iron hand in a velvet glove"?
Napoleon Bonaparte
Joseph Stalin
King George III
Benito Mussolini
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The tag line for which Barbra Streisand film was "A Glove Story"?
Hello, Dolly!
Funny Girl
Up the Sandbox
The Main Event
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Which of the following horror movie icons is famous for wearing a clawed glove?
Freddy Krueger
Michael Myers
Jason Voorhees
Charles Lee Ray
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NBA point guard Gary "The Glove" Payton played with what team for 13 years?
Chicago Bulls
Boston Celtics
Seattle SuperSonics
Indiana Pacers
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Which of the following Michael Jackson album covers pictures the singer wearing his famous glittery glove?
Off the Wall